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On the morning of February 20, a learning symposium was held to study Xi's speech at 706 conference room of Zhixin building. Leaders and teachers of LJS (Literature and Journalism School) attended the symposium.

Firstly, dean Zheng Chun led the teachers to learn Xi's speech. He said that President Xi Jinping's speech at a symposium on news reporting and public opinion has generated discussions across domestic media outlets. Xi delivered the speech following his visits to the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and China Central Television, the country's three major news providers. According to Xi, the Party's media work should guide the public, serve the country's overall interests, unite the general public, instill confidence and pool strength, tell right from wrong and connect China to the world. It is the responsibility of all the media run by the CPC to uphold and spread the "mainstream voice" of society, especially as society becomes more diversified and opinions vary. The Party's will and its propositions should be the strongest voice of the times,

School party secretary Wang Desheng said that Xi's speech is a programmatic document with long-term guiding significance on the whole. LJS will be combined with Xi's speech, further deepen cooperation with Shandong PPCPD ( Provincial party Committee propaganda Department) and promote the development of journalism and communication discipline.

President Xi Jinping's inspection tour to three leading news providers was lauded by experts and students majoring in journalism. Some teachers of LJS said, President Xi's media tour draws positive feedback. A firm political stance and fine-tuned professional skills are required for today's media to exercise their duty. Journalism education needs to strengthen the consciousness of the party spirit, and regards the firm politic, good style, exquisite business as the training goals. As the teacher, we should constantly adjust, improve and upgrade the teaching plans and teaching methods to adapt to the changes in the new media environment.

Finally, Zheng Chun delivered a concluding remark. He said that we were inspired and encouraged by Xi's speech. At the beginning of the new semester, more symposiums will be held in LJS for teachers and students. We must earnestly comprehend, explore, interpret and propagandize the speech spirit and carry out in teaching practices.

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